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Presbyopia treatment

When you realize thet reading up close become diffucult and your age approaches 40, you may have started to experience the first symptoms of presbyopia.

Myopia, hyperopia and asatigmatism are well known refractive vision problems of the eye. These refractive errors usually start during the childhood. Myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism are the result of the abnormality of the globes size or the shape of the ornea. Myopics are shortsighted, presbyopics mainly far; for the astigmatic eyes the vision is usually blurry in both near and the far vision. In order to correct these refractive errors eye glasses , contact lenses or we have your eyes treated with the excimer laser (LASIK).

Every healthy eye has a natural, clear lens located behind the iris of the eye. The natural lens zooms for a perfect vision like the objective of a camera in different light conditions and distances. The lens accomodates (zooms) automatically. Nonetheless the natural lens gradually looses it’s ability to zoom after the childhood and this becomes most apperant at near – reading vision around the age 40.

Problem in reading vision after the age of 40 is named “presbyopia”. This condition starts around 40 and worsens gradually until the age of 60. The lens and the surrounding tissues loose their elasticity gradually in a dynamic process. That is why it is not easy and most of the time not recommended to treat this condition with the excimer laser as if in a 22 year-old -2.00 myopic eye.

The surgical treatment in order to get riid of the near vision glasses must be planned and performed in a custom design according to the age, occupation and the visual needs of every particular patient.

Mainly three different surgical techniques can be used to treat presbyopia surgically; presbyopic excimer laser treatment, corneal inlays and multifocal intra-ocular lenses.

The most important two points to be considered in presbyopia treatment are; not disturbing the far vision when treating the near vision and planning a treatment which should last for a longer period of time.

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